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The company in Inner Mongolia area of horizontal construction completed smoothly

Recently, the company undertake a horizontal well completion in Inner Mongolia district, Realized my company in Inner Mongolia, a block directional service zero breakthrough, Directional well the service for the company to the further development of the accumulated valuable experience, but also for the western engineering service market development has laid a good foundation.

The drilling depth of 5333 m, 1875 m horizontal displacement, level 1503 m, 3597.13 m deep, the largest hole deviation 92.6 °. Bottom hole temperature as high as 142 ° C, On the instrument performance and drilling tools have higher demand to the quality. Based on thin layer in this area of oil and gas reservoir level, complex stratigraphic dip, and so on and so forth, Field using high temperature LWD equipment Bench - Tree companies in the United States, With the use of the company efficient high-power screw assembly , 3 days in advance.

The whole process of trajectory control, according to customer requirements and steadily move, efficient to complete the construction task, shorten the drilling cycle for the customer. DE stone products and field instruments for its stability, reliability, obtained the customer high praise. Marks the construction drilling crew my company has the ability to provide quality, safe, fast and efficient directional construction service.