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  • Casing-head

    TF series casing head is a device used for connecting and sealing surface casing, hanging and sealing technology and oil-string casing in oil-drilling operation process. In addition, casing head also can monitor casing pipe annulus, annular cement squeeze etc.
    TF series casing head could be divided into single-stage casing head and multi-stage casing head according to casing sequence. Double-stage casing head as the main among multi-stage casing head.
    TF series casing head could be divided into screw thread type and cava type according to hang modes, divided into rubber seal and soft metallic seal according to sealing mode. It can come into many multiple models if the two cross. We have the design and production capacity of all types hanger.
    Rubber seal and metallic seal are interchangeable, in order to fit the high temperature, high corrosion extreme environment and so on. Original metallic seal structure reliability ahead of the domestic and foreign counterparts.
    Cava connection and seal at the bottom adopt proprietary technology (patent number: ZL 2013 2 0651234.3), make the perfect combination of high reliability and handleability.
    Central spindle and cava hanger are interchangeable under the condition of the flange housing unchanged, easy to deal with all kinds of emergency. Based on the structural improvement, effectively simplify the operating procedure and shorten operation time. After the well completion, it can connect with Christmas tree by oil layer hanger female thread or by end face standard API 6A seal steel ring slot, to realize the isolation between high pressure area and low pressure area of all metallic seal, to avoid rubber ageing problems.
    Multi-stage casing head flange is split type in general, easy to deal with all kinds of drilling questions. It also can be made into integral type as user requirement, use for simple and low pressure well location. Casing head can finish all drilling operation by one-step installation, leave out the procedure of dismounting blowout preventer, greatly save drilling time and cost.
    Casing Head design, quality control, manufacture and use all according to the API 6A & GB/T22517. And we can design the special casing head as the user's special working condition.
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