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  • Power Section Test Bench

    Power Section Test Bench
    Power Section Test Bench is designed according to the standard “SY/T5383-2010 downhole motor” and “SY/T5547-2012 operation, maintenance and management for downhole motor”, and can be used to test the fitness between stator and rotor to ascertain the quality condition of both new and repaired power section under test environment. The test bench consists of host machine, circulation system, hydraulic control system and data acquisition&processing system, can test the power section from 1 11/16” to 9 5/8”, and the test data include max torque, differential pressure, etc.
    The characteristics of Power Section Test Bench are as follows: reliable, safe and easy to maintain; simple and rapid operation; accurate testing data.
    -10MDSY -20MDSY -30MDSY
  • Downhole Motor Test Bench

    Downhole Motor Test Bench
    Downhole Motor Test Bench consists of host machine, dynamical system, circulatory system, hydraulic control system, cooling system, testing system, and can test the performance of downhole motors from 1 11/16” to 11 1/4” under whole-working condition. The test bench adopts advanced control system to implement automatic, semi-automatic or manual testing on loading torque, adjusting flow rate, collect the data such as torque, rotating rate, differential pressure, flow rate, temperature, etc and output the performance parameter table and curve of downhole motor. The test bench fully meet the requirement of manufacturers and oil field to test the performance of downhole motors.
    1) We realized the simultaneously test of high speed and big torque on one equipment;
    2) We own many measures to damping and isolation, to make the operation smooth and the test accurate;
    3) The man-machine function is powerful: automatic, manual, semi-automatic can switch conveniently;
    4) Abnormal sound and light alarm, security and mutual lock;
    5) It is environmental- friendly, electrical-drived, noise-low and no pollution.
    -1LZSY Downhole Motor Test Bench -5LZSY Downhole Motor Test Bench -20LZSY Downhole Motor Test Bench -30LZSY Downhole Motor Test Bench
  • Hydraulic Breaking Unit

    Hydraulic Breaking Unit
    YCZ Type Hydraulic Breaking Unit is an important equipment used for disassembling, assembling and maintaining the thread connection for all kinds of drilling tools, tubular columns and other downhole tools.
    YCZ Type Hydraulic Breaking Unit adopts international advanced multi-cylinder radial synchronous hydraulic clamping way. Clamping force is evenly distributed, workpiece is clamped firmly, and clamping diameter is easy to adjust. Suspension type fast spinner device is adopted to eliminate spinner vibration and greatly improved the spinner speed. Axial drawing device is adopted to provide adjustable axial drawing force. Hydraulic concentrated operations console is adopted, pressure and torque can be read directly, spinner, clamping and moving could be easily executed.
    -YCZ180S -YCZ380S -YCZ380 -YCZ580S -YCZ380LXS
  • DTF Series Drilling Pump

    DTF Series Drilling Pump
    Drilling pump is also called mud pump, which transport high pressure, high specific gravity, high sand concentration drilling fluid to bottom of hole. Drilling fluid is used to cool bit, wash out bottom of hole, break rock and bring out debris. Drilling pump not only is indispensable and one of the most important processing equipments, but also is one of the three working machines of drilling rig.
    DUPM mainly manufactures series mud pumps such as DTF-500, DTF-800, DTF-1000,DTF-1300 and DTF-1300, etc. Since our company realized localization of components of hydraulic end until independent R & D and production of drilling pump,we have been committed to the continuous optimization and upgrade of the drilling pump. Our DTF series products is becoming better to service oil field drilling through constant communication with customers.
    Main features:
    1. Products have been verified by API Q1 Quality System, comply with API Spec 7K specification, and all the parts can be traced back.
    2. Strong self-suction ability. No need to use feed pump in normal case.
    3. Reasonable structure. Parts has no strength redundancy. Operating steadily and reliably.
    4. DUPM took the lead to realize localization of the parts of hydraulic end. After years’ experience accumulation and constant innovation, DUPM can make the manufacturing process more sophisticated and the products’ service life longer. All of these can effectively debase customers’ operation cost.
    5. Valve pot, crankshaft, herringbone gear and other important parts are manufactured by high quality alloy steel. Herringbone gears adopt grinding process, which make the precision of gears higher.
    6. Parts have high standardization degree, strong interchangeability, and fewer types of spare parts.
    7. Advanced inspecting methods: DUPM has the lab for testing drilling pump, three-coordinates measuring machine, etc.
    8. Good low temperature-resistant performance. It will be in normal use below 45℃。
    9. Good anticorrosion performance. Applying to use in high salinity coastal and marine environment.
    10. Pump set’s auxiliary is complete. According to customers’ actual usage to customize the most practical pump set.
    11. Application of drilling pump remote information system can monitor and control remotely the running state of equipments on site in real time, and reflect the working state of drilling pump completely, and realize the intercommunication among the equipment, control center and personnel, so as to make technical personnel and management personnel in any place can get date of every monitoring point , and respond in a timely manner.
    12. After sale service is complete, service network is wide, response is quick, and technical ability is skillful.
    -DTF-500 -DTF-800 -DTF-1000 -DTF-1300 -DTF-1600 -Drilling Pump Sets -Drilling Pumps