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  • Down-hole Motor

    Down-hole Motor
    Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Co., ltd produces various sizes of downhole motors for hole size from 1 7/8” to 26”. Popular size are 1 11/16”, 2 1/8”,2 3/8”,2 7/8”,3 1/8”,3 1/2”,3 3/4”,4”,4 3/4”,5”,5 5/16”,5 7/8”,6 1/4”,6 1/2”,6 3/4”,7”,7 1/4”,7 3/4”,8”,8 1/2”,9”, 9 5/8”and 11 1/4”. DUPM is able to provide downhole motors of vertical, single-bend, double-bend and adjustable motors; the hear-resistance temperature ranges are ≤120℃,120-150℃ and 150-180℃; oil-based mud resistance and saturated saltwater mud resistance motors and can independently research and develop and produce various size of uniform thickness downhole motors.
    The company has a number of outstanding senior engineers in the design team, and the technologies keep improving aiming at the international level and we have earned more than 30 national patent. We can research and develop and produce various sizes of downhole motors according to customer’s requirements.
    -Uniform Wall Thickness Downhole Motor -LZ43 Down-hole Motor -LZ54 Down-hole Motor -LZ60 Down-hole Motor -LZ73 Down-hole Motor -LZ80 Down-hole Motor -LZ89 Down-hole Motor -LZ95 Down-hole Motor -LZ102 Down-hole Motor -LZ120 Down-hole Motor -LZ127 Down-hole Motor -LZ135 Down-hole Motor -LZ150 Down-hole Motor -LZ159 Down-hole Motor -LZ165 Down-hole Motor -LZ172 Down-hole Motor -LZ178 Down-hole Motor -LZ185 Down-hole Motor -LZ197 Down-hole Motor -LZ203 Down-hole Motor -LZ210 Down-hole Motor -LZ216 Down-hole Motor -LZ228 Down-hole Motor -LZ244 Down-hole Motor -LZ286 Down-hole Motor
  • Non-Magnetic Products

    Non-Magnetic Products
    DUPM can produce housing of various kinds of non-magnetic equipments:LWD suspention joint,MWD suspention joint, resistivity joint,measuring sub, HCIM sub,pulse generator HOS and non-magnetic X-over.DUPM can also customize many kinds of non-magnetic products.
    -Supporting Sub -Potting Module -Non-Magnetic Adaptor -Pulse Generator Hang Sub -HCIM Sub -Measure Sub -Resistivity Sub -MWD Hang Sub -LWD Hang Sub
  • DTYJ Hydraulic Thruster

    DTYJ Hydraulic Thruster
    DTYJ hydraulic thruster is a new type of downhole bit pressure-exerting tool, which using the pressure drop of circular drilling fluid at bit nozzle to exert pressure to drilling bit, hereby realize accurate pressure-exerting and uniform drilling, without consuming any extra energy. The application of DTYJ hydraulic thruster can not only solve the problem of drilling pressure loss in horizontal wells, extended reach wells and slimhole wells, but also effectively control well deviation, damp&anti-bounce, improve the ROP, and extend bit’s life. It is a practical tool in oil-drilling process with low-cost, easy-operation and significant effect.
    Main Functions:
    Transform the pressure drop of bit nozzle or down-hole motor to drilling pressure and hold the drilling pressure consistent and uniform which can improve the ROP and service life.
    Improve the strained condition of downhole motors, lower the neutral point of the BHA, enhance downhole motor’s stability and guidance quality, can hang and beat normally under heavy WOB, effectively control the well deviation and ensure quality of well bore.
    When drilling under tough geologic condition or special formation(such as gravel layer), provide more significant effect of damp&anti-bounce, enormously extend the service life of drilling bit, downhole motor and ground equipments , reduce drilling cost and decrease occurrence of downhole accidents.
    -DTYJ89 -DTYJ121 -DTYJ165 -DTYJ178 -DTYJ203 -DTYJ229 -DTYJ242
  • Insulating Joint

    Insulating Joint
    LWD is widely used in the exploration and development of oil and gas. The key technology is signal transmission. Currently, the common ways of signal transmitting are pressure pulse of drilling fluid and electromagnetic wave. The way of drilling fluid pressure pulse is low in cost and convenient, but low transmission rate. The way of electromagnetic wave has a high transmission rate and can not be influenced by the drilling fluid, and can save data down hole reliably.
    Insulating joint is the key technology of transmitting loging signal through electromagnetic wave. It be connected between the non-magnetic drilling collar and drilling pipe. It has two parts, the upper and the lower, which screw together, and can stand drilling torque. One part is insulated from another.
    Insulating joint has always been imported from abroad. We have been blockaded on the relevant technology. After a lot of professional research and adopting special material, special technology, elaboration, we developed homemade insulating joint. Its features are as follows:
    Work normally in the temperature range of 80℃ to 120℃;
    High resistivity,higher than 2MΩ;
    The torque transferred matches with drilling pipes;
    Some technical parameters can be customized according to customer’s requests, such as overall dimensions、connection of both ends,and so on.
    -Insulating Joint
  • Joint products

    Joint products
    DUPM manufactures Drilling Rod Joint, Adaptor, Direction Joint, Special Joint and other joint products. All of the products are manufactured and inspected as required by API and other standard in oil industry. We have complete specifications and dependable performance.
    -High Pressure Rotating Cycle Head -Special Sub -Directional Joint -Adaptor -Drill Rod Joint