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LZ150 Down-hole Motor

LZ150 Down-hole Motor



Various sizes of downhole motors of highspeed, mediumspeed and lowspeed;Wide output rage of speed and torque and high frequency;Fix bend and adjustable bend are available;Saturated saltwater mud resistant downhole motor, high temperature resistant downhole motor andoli-based mud resistant downhole motor can be available;Stabilizers of different shapes and size can be available.

Model  5LZ150×7.0Ⅳ
Bit Size  in 6 3/4– 8 3/4
OD  mm 150
ABH   ° 0-3
Lobe  5:6
Stages     4.0
Pressure  MPa  3.20
Flow Rate   L/s12-18-23
Flow Per RevolutionL/r  8.4
Bit Speedrpm 85-128-165
Torque   N·m 3600
Max.torqueN·m 6300
Output Power  kw 38-74
Weight on BitKN 70
Max. Weight on BitKN 120
Connection Top Female Thread REG 4 1/2
Bottom Female Thread REG 4 1/2
Length   mm 6555
Weightkg  633