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Mainly Introduction

Surface Technology Center has an area of 5.2 hectares, in order to provides the electroplating for petroleum machinery products including mud motor, and meet the using requirement of high end user at home and aboard. It will build 9 electroplating production lines including hard chrome,decorative chrome,copper, nickel and zinc,to meet the requirement of hydraulic mechanized equipment,transportation equipment including high-speed train,green energy equipment including wind power,aerospace enterprises,automobile aerospace enterprises,etc.

Production Capacity

The workshop covers a area of 10000 square meters,have completed the construction of hard chrome electroplating production line.possesses electroplating ability for wear-resistant hydraulic rod of small,medium,big length. The available longest part can be up to 8m. Now it’s a surface electroplating production line with the highest level of automation and the most advanced technology in China, can achieve electroplating,treating pollutants and emission monitoring automatically.

Technology Strength

Surface Technology Center has one electroplating expert and two technical advisers who are responsible for the formulation of electroplating process and products quality control. Skilled workers are professional and efficient, perform technical regulation strictly to ensure products quality.

Surface Technology Center possesses perfect process technology and inspect means,adopts CNC polish polishing machine to polish different kinds of part before and after electroplating. Surface roughness after electroplating can be achieved according to customer's requirement.Every parameters of plating layer have passed detection of professional institution and be proved to meet or excelled national standard requirements, also can be custom made according to customer’s personalized requirement.


Environmental Protection

As a professional electroplating enterprise,Surface Technology Center has passed the EIA Report. The workshop adopts advanced producing equipment and excellent environmental protection devices to ensure cleaner production and pollutant discharge standardly, and then achieve the double-win of economic benefits and environmental benefits.

Surface Wear-resistant

Surface wear-resistant,corrosion-resistantelectroplatingtreatment can be done for the products of petroleum equipment,construction machinery,aerospace,high-speed train,etc.