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Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery is lacated in the South Section of Jinghua Road, economical and technological development zone of Dezhou city. The company was formerly wholly-owned by SINOPEC Star Petroleum Ltd.,founded in 1961 and restructed as Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd in 2004.The company’s registered capital is 120 million RMB and total assets of this company is 650 million. DUPM mainly produces high-end oil drilling tools and equipment. The company is an integrated oil equipment manufacturer which set research & development, production, sales, service as one and the Company is China petroleum and petrochemical equipment top 50 enterprises. The company gets certificates of ISO9001 and API of American Petroleum Institution. DUPM is the provincial high-tech enterprises and provincial enterprise technology center. DUPM and Yantai Jerell Group achieved strategic cooperation in May, 2011.

Our Schedule
We will start out recruitment of DUPM in September 2015 and DUPM will show in the colleges and campus in Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and other cities. You’ll see our HR in the recruitment forum and get the profile of DUPM. Please pay attention to the updated recruitment notice.Join us, achieve future and create glory.

Recruitment Brochure
NO.Major requirementsQuotaDescriptionQualificationLocation
1Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation1011.New product design and development.
2.Continuous improvement of existing products.
3.Process design problem in the process of production.
4.According to market needs, technical guidance, communication, strengthen communication with customers, to facilitate product promotion.
1.Bachlor's degree or above.
2.Ability to use CAD and office software.
3.Understanding of the company's ISO9001 quality management system, API 7-1 product specifications and strictly enforced.
4.Be able to know and control the oil industry standards.                 
5.CET4 or above,a certain ability to read and write communication ability.
6.Be able to quickly familiar with the structure and performance of the product, make a judgment on the product problem, and have the ability to solve the problem.
2 Metal material or material forming and control 3 1.Development and supervision of heat treatment, forging and welding process.
2.Improvement of heat treatment, forging and welding process of existing products.
3.Design and improvement of heat treatment, forging, welding tooling.
4.Daily management of heat treatment, forging and welding equipment.
1.Bachlor's degree or above.
2.Familiar with heat treatment process and heat treatment process parameters, understand the heat treatment properties of conventional materials, can develop a reasonable heat treatment process according to the product requirements.
3.Familiar with the structure and performance of heat treatment equipment and make accurate judgment on the problem of the equipment, and put forward the solution.
4.Ability to use CAD and office software.
5.Understanding of the company's ISO9001 quality management system, API 7-1 product specifications and strictly enforced.
6.Be able to know and control the oil industry standards.   
3 International Trade, English Major, etc.. 5 1.Development and maintenance of overseas market.
2.Product tracking and after-sales service.
3.Collection, analysis and feedback of market information.
4.Participate in the formulation of effective marketing plan.
1.The male persons who can adapt to long-term overseas travel.
2.Bachelor degree in international trade, marketing and related majors; Full time four years’ Bachelor degree or above; have three years experience in sales, and have experience in foreign trade of mechanical industry is preferred.
Familiar with international trade operation process and standard, understand the characteristics of trade in advance.
4.Fluent spoken English, fluent in translation of various documents and materials.
5.Good interpersonal skills and ability to solve problems independently.
Dezhou and Overseas
Address:Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Company Co.,Ltd, the south section of Jinghua road, economic development zone, Dezhou, Shandong Province, China

Recruitment Flow
1.Resume Delivery

Graduates in 2015 who meet the company’s requirements can send the resume to the designated e-mail box or submit the resume during the career talk or recruitment forum. After we received the resume, we would select the fit person on site or after 3 working days and notify the person.
We will have a first interview on site and invite those who get through the first interview to the company and have the second interview. For some position which need professional skills, we will have written examinations and notify candidate ahead.
All the candidates should make sure the application information is true and accurate. Anyone who conceal the truth or provide false information, we will be disqualified from the interview.
If the candidate can’t make the interview as agreed, we will see as the candidate give up on the interview.
3.Notice of the result
We’ll call all the candidates who get through the second interview and all the talented person are welcomed by DUPM and we’re not bound to the recruitment quota.