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Dezhou United Petroleum Technology Corp.is situated in the South Section of Jinghua Road, Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, which was founded in 1961 and previously was the wholly-owned subsidiary company of SINOPEC Star Petroleum Company. DUPM was reformed into an ESO(Employee Stock Ownership)limited liability company in 2004.On June 9, 2017 changed its name to Dezhou United Petroleum Technology Corp.
DUPM, with advanced machining and testing equipments, mainly produces high-end oil-drilling and production equipments, tools,accessories and engineering service. DUPM was accredited with API ,  ISO9001(DNV), and HSE certificates, etc and has exported its products to many countries and areas and has earned a good reputation in oil and gas field at home and abroad.DUPM upholds honesty, multiple win-win business, push forward the implementation of “to build a world-class downhole motor” strategy, and continuously provides first-class products and services for international oil and gas industry.


Become a reliable partner of international oil and gas development industry
Provide first-class products and services for oil and gas development
Customer-centered andstriver oriented
Unity, truth seeking,innovation, perseverance
5Business philosophy
Honesty-based, diversifiedand win-win
6Service concept

Do better with heart

7Staff guidelines
Sincere, friendly, grateful and dedicated
8Work style
Instant response andpursuit of perfection
9Safety concept

Safety always comes first


Development History

  • 2004.6-Until Now
    Dezhou United Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • 2000.4-2004.6
    Dezhou Petroleum Machinery of SINOPEC Star Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1997.7-2000.4
    Dezhou Petroleum Machinery of Star Petroleum Ltd.
  • 1983.1-1997.7
    GDepartment of Geology and mineral resources Petroleum Drill and Prospect Factory
  • 1979-1983.1
    Geological Department Petroleum Drill and Prospect Factory
  • 1976.11-1979
    State Bureau of Geology Petroleum Drill and Prospect Factory
  • 1976.5-1976.11
    Dezhou Petroleum Drill and Prospect Factory
  • 1970.10-1976.5
    Shandong Geological Department Petroleum Prospect Machinery Factory
  • 1970.2-1970.9
    Repair Factory of Geological Department for Petroleum Machinery
  • 1961.9-1970.1
    Repair Factory for Geological Department first survey and exploration team


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Leader's Oration

Leader's Oration

Leader's Oration

Sincerely thank you for reading www.dupm.cn!

DUPM has a vision:
Become a reliable partner of international oil and gas industry, which is also the common unswerving pursuit of all employees of the company.
Looking back on the development course of over half a century, we have accumulated profound enterprise culture and strong R&D strength of petroleum equipments. In new historical period, DUPM take providing customers with first-rate petroleum equipments and petroleum engineering technical services for the mission. With innovative products and quality service, DUPM will boost oil and gas industry to improve continuously. Being more professional, more sophisticated and creating value is our philosophy that we always follow.
We always believe that:
Excellent team culture is the soul of DUPM, the spiritual pillar of the healthy operation of company. The staff under the guidance of excellent culture is the inexhaustible source of power which can promote the development of enterprise. The company all originated from the stuff.
We always believe that:
Integrity, goodness, struggle, diligence…triumph belongs to the people with these characters.
DUPM with sincerity, forgiveness, effort and innovation wishes to team up with you to seek common development and create a brilliant career.