Well Repair Device Under Press

Well Repair Device Under Press



Workover operation device with pressure,which is full hydraulic,full numerical control,both automatic and manual, consists of wellhead blowout prevention system,snubbing unit,hydraulic control system,temperature&pressure detection system,coolant system,automatic control system,duty monitoring system. This device can accomplish workover operation of high temperature steam flooding well,normal temperature oil-water well,gas well coordinated with workover rig.

1.wellhead blowout control system
Items Parameter
Temperature resistance(℃)≤260
Withstand voltage(MPa)≤21
Environment temperature(℃)-40~50
Advantage Automatic testing pipe diameter, coupling glue core.

2.Force running and pulling device
Items Parameter
Maximum hoist capacity(T)Elevator lift 80
Cava tight lift 50
Maximum down force(T)Beam down press 30
Cava tight down press 20
Cava maximum clamp force(T)60
Up&down maximum stroke(M)3.2
Up&down speed(mm/s)100-150
Operating platform boundary dimension(mm)4800×4200×4200

3.Dynamical&control System
Dynamical&control System includes hydraulic dynamic control room,removable control desk, power producer. Monitor the whole blowout control system,cooling system,force running and pulling device, do the acquisition of signal, self-control operation.

4.Electrohydraulic control system
Electrohydraulic control system includes transducer, transmitter, PLC programming centre,electrohydraulic control centre.blowout preventer control loop, (8 control loop),force running and pulling control loop,(10 control loop,)cooling system control loop (8 control loop), spare control loop(6 control loop),all use electrohydraulic control valve.

5.Power source
Constant power volume adjustable hydraulic pump

6.Total power
Configuration Configuration power(KW)Total power(KW)
Hydraulic pump 55 102.5
Hydraulic pump 35
Cooling water pump 11
Cooling water pump 1.5

7.Watching and monitoring system
Watching and monitoring system work for blowout control system operators, monitoring and recording the work process long-distance and dynamically.The moving house can holy 4 persons work and rest.