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KQ Oil and Gas Exploration

KQ Oil and Gas Exploration



Model&technology grade Model KQ65/35 KQ65/70 KQ65/105 KQ78/105 KQ78/105 KQ78/105
Temperature grade  V、U、T、S、P、N、L、K
Material grade AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF
Specification gradePSL1、PSL2、PSL3
Performance gradePR1
Structural style Connect casing head Flange add secondary seal form or casing pipe bend sub
Secondary seal form BT seal or soft metal seal
Casing pipe bend sub model5 1/2〞LCSG、7〞LCSG
Valve qty Valve7,Valve9,Valve11
Tubing hanger form Vertical type
Pipeline specification 2 7/8 〞  3 1/2 〞(Thickened/normal )
Pipeline thread 2 7/8TBG、2 7/8UPTBG、3 1/2 TBG、3 1/2 UPTBG
Landing head lower flange aperture 7 1/16〞、11〞、13 5/8
Landing head lower flange pressure (MPa) 35、70、105